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Posted by on Mar 1, 2013 in Celeb Style, Celebrities, Contributors, Featured, Galleries

Mary Magambo and B-Flow are in a Relationship

Beautful Mary Magambo

Beautful Mary Magambo

This is what shocked everyone on facebook when ZNBC’s finest Mary Magambo announced that B-Flow is someone who is close to her heart

Alot of people couldn’t believe it because she made it clear that some bogus Gossip page who mimic us are foolish with the content they post to trigger leadership

She said B-Flow is her brother and the relationship they both have is God’s blessing and she doesn’t like it when people publish lies about him without verifying. here is what she wrote

wooow I am amazed at the sinking levels of online publications that want to attract readership by peddling laughble rumours…is this how desperate zed celebrity gossip has become? I didnt see the need to have a press conference to inform you that B’Flow is my half brother…next time you are looking for gossip, verify your story before embarrassing yourself. and yes, yesterday I had an honour of featuring in his “cry of a woman video” along side other artists and celebrities….leave me and my brother alone!

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