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Posted by on Feb 14, 2013 in Exclusive, Love & Sex

Zambian Celebrities that can’t have sex with each other even if the got paired

Zambian Romances are usually complicated. With these pairings, though, it’s simple: they just hate each other. From historical rivalries to the present, here’s the people least likely to end up drunk on Velentines together. These people can’t fuck each other no matter what. If you have more, add ‘em in the comments. On Facebook.

Whoever is on your list, we definately can not leave out these two;



Slap Dee called Macky 2 a drug addict with “a deep-rooted unhappiness in his life,” and then called his new album ‘Ndimupondo’, “disappointing.” His advice? For Macky 2 to “get out more.” Although they eventually reconciled, Macky 2 refused to speak to Slap Dee for nine months, and after Slap Dee penned a letter starting that Macky 2 “barely knew him,” I don’t expect to hear any wedding bells here.


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